Shilpa, Mangalore based owner of Food truck business.



“The fortune favours the brave ” this famous proverb played its true meaning in the life of 34-year-old Shilpa who runs the food truck business in Mangalore. In 2015, Mrs Shilpa took a loan and bought a Mahindra Bolero vehicle to start her own Food truck business in Mangalore along with his brother. She serves north Karnataka delicacies in her food truck which local populace has been so fond of. The entrepreneur in her motivated Shilpa to customise the Bolero vehicle according to the need for a food truck. This innovative spirit and entrepreneurial zeal in her caught the attention of none other than Mr Anand Mahindra, chairman of Business conglomerate, Mahindra & Mahindra. After coming to know about the success of her venture through a media ” News minute”, Mr Mahindra took it through the twitter, congratulated and lauded Shilpa’s effort. Mr Mahindra also stated on Twitter that he supports her effort to expand her business by offering her a brand new bolero to set up her next outlet. In his twitter handle, Mr Mahindra expressed his support and tweeted the following.
“A terrific story of entrepreneurship to end the week with. At Mahindra, we call this a Rise story. Am so delighted the Bolero played a small role. Can someone reach her & tell her I will personally invest in her expansion by supplying a Bolero for the second outlet she’s planning? She is a successful entrepreneur. I am offering to invest in her expansion.”
When spoke to news minute Shilpa told that
“It was my circumstances, not a decision to become an entrepreneur, that led to the starting of this business. The local residents supported my initiative, and it just clicked.”
Yes her inspirational story should motivate other women folks to face the non-favourable situation with courage and thus help them overcome the challenges that lie ahead with poise and confidence.


Mensturation Man, Mr A.Muruganantham


Few entrepreneurs might dare to choose the business what Mr Arunachalam Muruganathan ventured in to, The social entrepreneurs from Coimbatore has invented a very cheap sanitary making equipment which could make cheap sanitary pads for women with half the cost what is available in the stores. His organisation “Jayashree industries” have already installed this low-cost equipment in 23 states in India and aggressively pursuing his objective to set up his manufacturing unit in 106 nations. The speciality of his equipment is that women can manufacture the sanitary napkins using his equipment.

His journey so far

He was born in 1962 to a family of handloom weavers in Coimbatore, his early life was riddled with poverty and his father passed away after met with an accident , So only source of the income to the family was from his mother who tried to make both ends meets , But at the age of 14 Arunachalam dropped out from school and after that he was engaged in various jobs to support his family .

Moments of success

Mr Arunachalam got married in 1998 and found that his wife uses filthy clothes or unhygienic means during her menstrual cycle. This moment of realisation had really invoked the social entrepreneur in him, he tried and did a lot of research in designing a sanitary napkin using different mills but initially he was unsuccessful to design one such, But his unrelenting pursuit to find a solution led him to research further and finally he had succeeded in making one, But his wife instead of supporting him, left the scene by giving a divorce letter. But the successful entrepreneur in him has succeeded in making a low-cost equipment to manufacture sanitary napkins, he received wide acclaims and several awards for his outstanding success.
In 2014, TIME magazine placed him on its list of 100 Most Influential People in the World and In 2016, he was awarded Padma Shri by Government of India. After 5 years his wife reunited with him realising the success he has achieved and more over the initiative he has taken to address the most pressing issue faced by women folks from low-income group, especially from the rural sector. His efforts have really made him qualify to be in the legions of the most successful social entrepreneur in the contemporary world. In his words, he believes in “de-tailing”, not” re-tailing”. He travelled across the world and shared the dais with global business leaders and through his initiative, he has created a social impact by giving employment for 20,000 women. A Bollywood film “pad-man” has been in the making starring Akshay Kumar based on his story.


Earnings of 1% to be given to charity by Manchester footballer


During his recent visit to Mumbai slums, Manchester footballer Juan Mata has made up his mind to support the disadvantaged children by contributing 1% of his earnings to charity. The star footballer decision to take up the cause by contributing towards the society from his earning is an initiative which needs appreciation, also setting an example for others to follow.
Through his initiative named “Common Goal” which shares a common agenda to give back to the society through football. As we all know football is a team game which signifies teamwork with the involvement of all eleven players from the team and each members contribution is vital to set the goal post moving. So perhaps the common goal is one such initiative which has the potential to contribute towards the society by taking up causes which affect the society to a larger extent.
The act of voluntarily contributing 1% of his earning towards charity is nothing but an initiative which is like leading by example. He, in fact, requested his fellow footballers to follow his path for a greater common cause. The Spanish footballer who earns 140,000 pounds in old Trafford a week has set to contribute to the common goal which is a charity consist of 120 collective funds in 80 countries. The footballer felt that he has been fortunate to have chosen football as his career, the sports has given a lot towards his personal growth , But he also said that his simple gesture to give back something to the society could change the life of less privileged who have been finding hard to get one square meal a day from different parts of the Globe. He said he will also encourage his teammates to contribute a percentage of their earnings for the charity named “Common goal”.
I think this is an excellent example of an individual’s social commitment towards the society, above all he represents the true qualities of a leader who shoulders the responsibility of collectively making a change in the society. Let this initiative be the guiding force for other personalities in sports to follow his path and start contributing towards this objective. Let this be the common goal for all to pursue and make some significant changes globally. I think other than entertaining the masses with skills, sports can also contribute socially also.



Although leader & leadership is widely discussed and deliberated topic with various  divergent opinions about how his or her leadership should be. Or certain  style of leadership traits are only more relevant to particular time periods in the history, or just because a particular type of leadership has granted success. so should that be all weather approach to success for ever?  Still, there are many instances for people to look back into the history and being hailed the likes of  Hitlers, Stalin, Mussolini’s success a leader who was all set out to conquer the world with thier  brutal force. Even today many of them believe that Hitler’s type of leadership is very much required in the contemporary world to over come the world is facing today. I think the world has moved a lot from the Hitler’s period. There are  examples of many political leaders  who had made significant changes , but it carried a huge cost by crushing many millions of peoples life, using most heinous methods of execution, gave scant regard for people’s concerns and feelings, Not providing any space for consultation , but only inflicting or pushing ones idea and visions in to others throat. But in a way history has been benevolent to such extent by not allowing them to continuously be at the top. If you ask anyone today they have different perceptions how their nation’s  leadership should be.However  if we have been  fliping  through the pages of world history, certainly most of the leaders and their leadership styles are more over similar ie is authoritarian style, but very few among the legacy of leaders stands rest from the crowd like great Mahatma Gandhi.

But in the present world order, I think we need a more inclusive style rather than one who pursue the exclusionary style of leadership. Because the exclusionary style of leadership is inherently creating a constituency which is more of a  people who fits into the narrative, by smartly excluding certain classes of people belong to certain caste, creed, race & religion. Although we have witnessed exclusionary style of leadership in the past, in the present global order begs leaders who ought to be inclusionary in nature. Other wise going forward our world is going to be a dangerous place to be in. The challenges faced by us has grown manifold, So to tackle all those critical problems, a new change in approach in leadership is more ideal in all respects.  Contemporary leaderships in the world needs a paradigm shift in thinking, The livers  of wielding power over less developed nations through economic power or military power is not going to stay for ever. So today’s leader should embrace the quality of egalitarian society, sharing natural resources for everyone’s survival , New global order in the future shouldn’t be purely on the basis of economic supremacy, the GDP, driving stocks to new levels creating more wealth for the shareholders, creating policies for few  to get in to billionaires club. In the hindsight, such animal instincts of amassing more wealth & resources by hook or crook have a limit. Because we are living in a world of  finite resources  But if  world’s  has been thinking of making an infinite profit out from a finite resource is perhaps the most foolish decision one could ever think of, But corporation & business leaders& political heads has been pursuing the policy of morally equating success with profit .

Take for the instance in the world of politics  ,we have several types of  people who has been anointed as the heads of their respective countries, rulers after rulers who has been playing the role of state, elected leaders, military dictatorship,  business leaders becoming political heads., So in all these categories of leadership types,  predominance of certain  traits makes them stand apart from the rest. But common characteristics which include drive, motivation, energy, tenacity&intiative. But broadly we can classify leaders into six according to the leadership styles.

Source :Harward Business review ,website:

How a leader should be?

Out of the six listed leadership style, As a leader to be successful and effective one should have the multiple characteristics styles according to the circumstances. He or she should adopt combined traits to be successful and take the nation forward. A leader with one type of leadership traits can no longer take the responsibility forward, they might be successful in achieving short term success , but as a person who governs the nation should adopt different types leadership styles to evolve and sustain as a true leader who can make significant strides for a countries facing multitude of problems

Empowering women through pappad



Shri Mahila Griha Udyog lijath pappad famously known to the masses as  Lijath, It is one of the oldest women cooperative formed in the year 1959 in Mumbai. The success of this cooperative founded by women continuous to have its dream run ever since its inception. The lijath was formed with an intital capital of Rs 80 now this brand has grown leaps and bounds with an annual turn over of 6.50 billion and export of Rs 290 million .  The very success of this initiative has been the  ever growing women folks joining their  hands  ,  currently, member’s strength is around  43000 women  employed in 81 branches and 27 divisions across India.

The idea was born in the year 1959, in  the brain of seven Gujarthi women settled in Mumbai, The only skill they know was to cook, But no one had ever expected that a  small initiative would become such classical epitome of social enterprenuership. In the initial years of its operations,  they were restricted on the terrace of a building and started producing daily 4 packets of pappads.Today they own their registered office premise in Bandra.

Empowerment of  Women

The success of this organization  led “ Lijath” to undertake various initiatives to promote literacy and computer education to its workers & their  family members , later they have started scholarships for female children of the workers . Lijath also teamed up with UNESCO to conduct seminars on child care and mother welfare.

Collective ownership of all stakeholders

In Lijath they promotes and believes in collective ownership philosophy called “Sarvodhya” . All the working members  are treated as equal  owners in sharing the profit as well as loss. The members are famously referred as “sisters” , Decisions are taken based on consensus. The day to day running of the organization is entrusted with  21 member committee, every three year new members get elected through consensus.

The success of this cooperative organization stems its strength from collective ownership , Each and every member   is responsible for its successful functioning &  decision making , which  is purely based on collective thinking & approach. profit and loss get shared equally among  the members, across the branches the same philosophy has been followed without any failure.  The success lies in delivering satisfaction to its members and their families. The care extended by the organsiation in supporting the member’s family to get the education through scholarships and  also has  taken various initiatives in supporting the society for a common cause. I think the success of Lajath points towards a very successful win win relation among all its stakeholder. As the company grown from its infant stage to its current size and form , But the organization has  ensured that all its members are equally rewarded .

In today’s world of hard core profiteering , rewarding the shareholder ‘s with wealth has been prime motive behind the existence of any organization, But Lijath journey  so far has been an outstanding tribute to the success of social entreprnuership business model.

Training those who have lost their hopes …


Dr. Sakena Yacoobi

Dr. Sakena Yacoobi’s the founder Over came many hardships and challenges , But her vision in 1991 helped her to put in place “ Afghanistan institute of learning” the organization kept a brave foot forward in to the refugee camps in Pakistan by starting learning centers and provided healthcare to the people in Afghanistan , who are forced to flee from their places due to Taliban instigated conflict .AIL operated 80 secret schools which was catering to 3000 girls , trained 80 teachers. In 2001 AIL increased their reach significantly by opening learning centers , established clinics , Training centers in various subjects . They are also actively involved in disaster relief management and have adequate human resource, Funds & plans in place to support the relief activity.

Afghan institute of learning

The objective is to foster self-reliance, critical thinking ability and community participation among the affected people who became vulnerable due to the conflict. Through this Learning center they believes that key objective can only be achieved through education especially for girls & women where learning is centered around their health and its related aspects. The holistic approach of training & educating the people to understand the importance of democracy, identify their rights for better healthcare and creating economic opportunities for them to live a better life.

This is another outstanding illustration of social entrepreneurship model with great vision, forward thinking to improve the life of the people who have lost their hopes due to war and conflict. The initiative is a great step in the right direction which has the potential to bring light and hope to the affected people, by focused approach through empowering them with the help of learning & Training given ability on their hands to think, learn& earn.

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Janta@Rs 20


janta meal founders

Meals @ 20 is a wonderful idea, Janta meals Pvt Ltd provides meals to 15lakhs people belongs to the lower income bracket. The effort to start such an entity is nothing but social entrepreneurship at its best .Here they lends credibility to idea of to serve the society by offering foods at affordable rates with clean hygienic one with great nutritious content , Kudos to the two individuals   Ms Apeksha Pothwal & Jesse van De zand who identified the opportunity to serve healthy food at affordable rates, larger cities in India is seeing a swathe of migration from hamlets and rural areas to search for a living , most of them stays in cramped spaces and eating less healthy food in an unhygienic conditions. For them thali priced at Rs 30 consists off dal, a sabsi , one panner dish, five rotis , pickle & salad is healthy & Nutritious , cheaper thali of Rs 20 is also their to offer.

People from all walks of life has found savior in this, Working class couples have less time to prepare their food in today’s hectic work schedule ,so they find solace in this offering. If anyone browse through their website you could find their beneficiaries as slum dwellers, urban poor which itself is very heartening to see. In order to expand their footprint in other parts they have decided to promote micro entrepreneurs to set up premises with chairs, tables& utensils as prescribed by the Junta, at present they are operating with 22 outlets across Gurgaon and planning to set up shops in Delhi as well as many other parts in Indian cities. Initially, it was started as philanthropic project, but it turns to be a profit model with more funds to expand this project to much larger horizon.

Certainly in this world of profiteering these two individual has shown that, opportunities to serve the society is still possible if we have the heart and desire to do it. When you see success naturally the tendency would to be strategize the existing model in such a way to generate more profit by either increasing the price of offerings or spending more money to advertise for building a brand of its own . This business model is different and yet progressive in thinking. Here they bring together the flavor of serving food to the society at an affordable rate, keeping in view of the requirement of poor and needy. So Janta is a quintessential Illustration of leading by example. When all companies think of spending only a minuscule percentage of their profit as Corporate social responsibility, this initiative leads by example by focusing on the lower strata of the society through serving and catering to the basic right of eating healthy cum hygienic food.