Janta@Rs 20

janta meal founders

Meals @ 20 is a wonderful idea, Janta meals Pvt Ltd provides meals to 15lakhs people belongs to the lower income bracket. The effort to start such an entity is nothing but social entrepreneurship at its best .Here they lends credibility to idea of to serve the society by offering foods at affordable rates with clean hygienic one with great nutritious content , Kudos to the two individuals   Ms Apeksha Pothwal & Jesse van De zand who identified the opportunity to serve healthy food at affordable rates, larger cities in India is seeing a swathe of migration from hamlets and rural areas to search for a living , most of them stays in cramped spaces and eating less healthy food in an unhygienic conditions. For them thali priced at Rs 30 consists off dal, a sabsi , one panner dish, five rotis , pickle & salad is healthy & Nutritious , cheaper thali of Rs 20 is also their to offer.

People from all walks of life has found savior in this, Working class couples have less time to prepare their food in today’s hectic work schedule ,so they find solace in this offering. If anyone browse through their website you could find their beneficiaries as slum dwellers, urban poor which itself is very heartening to see. In order to expand their footprint in other parts they have decided to promote micro entrepreneurs to set up premises with chairs, tables& utensils as prescribed by the Junta, at present they are operating with 22 outlets across Gurgaon and planning to set up shops in Delhi as well as many other parts in Indian cities. Initially, it was started as philanthropic project, but it turns to be a profit model with more funds to expand this project to much larger horizon.

Certainly in this world of profiteering these two individual has shown that, opportunities to serve the society is still possible if we have the heart and desire to do it. When you see success naturally the tendency would to be strategize the existing model in such a way to generate more profit by either increasing the price of offerings or spending more money to advertise for building a brand of its own . This business model is different and yet progressive in thinking. Here they bring together the flavor of serving food to the society at an affordable rate, keeping in view of the requirement of poor and needy. So Janta is a quintessential Illustration of leading by example. When all companies think of spending only a minuscule percentage of their profit as Corporate social responsibility, this initiative leads by example by focusing on the lower strata of the society through serving and catering to the basic right of eating healthy cum hygienic food.

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