Usha Co-operative Society . A Society for sex workers by the sex workers

Every Body has dreams , even if they belongs to profession of being a sex worker with lot of stigma attached to their profession by the society , But right to live& dream is not proprietary of privileged alone , what if they could save from what they earn which could serve their future expenses like medicines ,education and marriage of their children . Yes Usha multipurpose cooperative society has completed successful 20 years of operation by bringing respite and relief to more than 20000 members who are sex workers in the red light street called Sonaganchi in west Bengal , one of the largest red light districts of Asia . If you pay a visit to their website . it clearly mentions only cooperative society for sex workers by the sex workers. Earlier this workers where exploited by the money lenders who charged even 300% rate of interest for the borrowed sum. But this cooperative society for sex workers was founded by the public health scientist Samarjith Rana , which is an economic wing of the Durbar Mahila Samanwaya commite established in 1995. So this cooperative movement is a good example of a social enabler which protects the livelihood of this sex workers , who are otherwise being targeted, sidelined because of their profession , Nobody wants to become a sex workers by choice but their lies deep rooted exploitation which forces them to take this profession as means to survive & sustain. So this movement qualifies to be an perfect blend of a sustainable social entrepreneurship in action

usha coperative society


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