Empowering women through pappad


Shri Mahila Griha Udyog lijath pappad famously known to the masses as  Lijath, It is one of the oldest women cooperative formed in the year 1959 in Mumbai. The success of this cooperative founded by women continuous to have its dream run ever since its inception. The lijath was formed with an intital capital of Rs 80 now this brand has grown leaps and bounds with an annual turn over of 6.50 billion and export of Rs 290 million .  The very success of this initiative has been the  ever growing women folks joining their  hands  ,  currently, member’s strength is around  43000 women  employed in 81 branches and 27 divisions across India.

The idea was born in the year 1959, in  the brain of seven Gujarthi women settled in Mumbai, The only skill they know was to cook, But no one had ever expected that a  small initiative would become such classical epitome of social enterprenuership. In the initial years of its operations,  they were restricted on the terrace of a building and started producing daily 4 packets of pappads.Today they own their registered office premise in Bandra.

Empowerment of  Women

The success of this organization  led “ Lijath” to undertake various initiatives to promote literacy and computer education to its workers & their  family members , later they have started scholarships for female children of the workers . Lijath also teamed up with UNESCO to conduct seminars on child care and mother welfare.

Collective ownership of all stakeholders

In Lijath they promotes and believes in collective ownership philosophy called “Sarvodhya” . All the working members  are treated as equal  owners in sharing the profit as well as loss. The members are famously referred as “sisters” , Decisions are taken based on consensus. The day to day running of the organization is entrusted with  21 member committee, every three year new members get elected through consensus.

The success of this cooperative organization stems its strength from collective ownership , Each and every member   is responsible for its successful functioning &  decision making , which  is purely based on collective thinking & approach. profit and loss get shared equally among  the members, across the branches the same philosophy has been followed without any failure.  The success lies in delivering satisfaction to its members and their families. The care extended by the organsiation in supporting the member’s family to get the education through scholarships and  also has  taken various initiatives in supporting the society for a common cause. I think the success of Lajath points towards a very successful win win relation among all its stakeholder. As the company grown from its infant stage to its current size and form , But the organization has  ensured that all its members are equally rewarded .

In today’s world of hard core profiteering , rewarding the shareholder ‘s with wealth has been prime motive behind the existence of any organization, But Lijath journey  so far has been an outstanding tribute to the success of social entreprnuership business model.

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