This is a platform to share and exchange ideas and thoughts on social entrepreneurship. How a new   idea can bring changes in the society by doing business in a way which is ethical, as well being responsible to the society, in a manner which is mutually beneficial by holding the society and its stakeholders together.

I believe socially viable business ideas & models could create a lasting impression by improving the living conditions of the society as a whole by creating employment opportunities for skill and the unskilled cross section of the populace. so this my earnest effort to promote those entrepreneurs to take up such assignments, zeroing in on the opportunities which are available at hand.

when compared to conventional business models profit making is not the ultimate motive in socially viable business models. In social entrepreneurship model, profit making is equally supplemented with profit sharing with the core belief of giving back what you take from the society. Environment-friendly business is another attribute which makes this effort equally more interesting & sustainable. Here we don’t believe in exploiting the society for one’s own narrow-minded interest, but we believe in creating a sustainable lively hood without disturbing the balance of nature.


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