Sustainable business practices need more attention than ever before, The reasons are many that are looms largely over our horizon, The problems like climate change, water scarcity, species extinction, poverty & women empowerment continues to threaten the majority of the global community who are reeling in the bottom of the pyramid. Majority of today’s enterprises fundamentally operates under the precepts that improving shareholders wealth through profit maximisation is more critical than following sustainable business practices that take everyone together for a common good. The present model followed by many of the business houses need a complete relook and rejig. However, it is also equally heartening to see the young Turks venturing into new business models that are sustainable that tries to address the most pressing issues faced by the larger cross-section of the population. All these decades we have seen only organisations looking inward to improve its vitality and efficiency, But it is high time we need to expand that focuses to look outward towards the health and vitality of the market and society in which the organisation operates.
Our principal objective is to curate successful social entrepreneurship stories across the length and breadth of this country and in fact around the globe. Because of we at Socioroots believes that sharing their success stories with you would help you to keep you motivated and engaged. So we are on a journey to curate such stories that need more visibility and also help to improve the consciousness of the public for a meaningful debate on such win-win business models. We at Socioroots strongly believes that such sustainable business is the only way forward to reduce the disparities faced by the communities across the world. Henceforth social entrepreneurship needs more attention than ever before.

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