Impact of climate change

Intergovernmental panel on climate change in their report says that if we continue to behave irresponsibly; global temperature may rise to 1.5’c between 2020 & 2052. Perhaps once it crosses the 2’C levels then the situation would become irreversible for the entire ecosystem as a whole. Many studies have proved beyond doubt that a rise in global temperature may have a disastrous effect on climate. Climate change or overall change in weather conditions are necessary for survival, reproduction and transmission of diseases pathogens, vectors & hosts. Appropriate climate and weather conditions are necessary for the survival, reproduction, distribution and transmission of disease pathogens, vectors, and hosts. Therefore, changes in climate or weather conditions may impact infectious diseases through affecting the pathogens, vectors, hosts and their living environment. Meanwhile, studies have found that global warming tends to favour the geographic expansion of several infectious diseases. Also, extreme weather events may help create opportunities for more clustered disease outbreaks or outbreaks at non-traditional places and time.

Across communities globally it has been a challenge stares at our face for a long time, However, elected governments and big corporates are not paying much attention towards looming crisis hanging over our head. The developed nation and its institutions own the major responsibility to the crisis, but ironically climate change affects the poor and vulnerable section of the populations from developing and underdevelopment nations. It is time globally nations & institutions across broad should come together on a common platform to fight it. Time has come for political dispensation to take some hard choices to keep environmental health as an equal priority like economic growth. COVID-19 pandemic is one such sign that warns the global community that time has come to do a course correction.

World Environment Day

Globally every year on June 6th we recall the day as world environment day. However, it is crucial to remember that being an inhabitant of this planet are we doing the right things to keep our surroundings better for a sustainable lively hood ? We consider ourselves as most sensible creature evolved over many centuries having enough intelligence to protect the ecosystem. Perhaps due to our unending quest for more materialistic comfort had inflicted a huge dent on the planet’s balance. Our evolutionary history goes as homosapiens we have traversed a great length, however, once we grew in numbers massive cultivation for consumption became our primary focus by turning large swathe forest land for agricultural purposes, Later we got in to an era of industrial revolution where mass manufacturing was the order of the day, Despite our achievements we had conveniently neglected the consequences that would create havoc on environment.

Air Pollution

Polluting the air today is considered as the modern day curse due to increase in urbanization &Industrialization.Air pollution is consistently ranked among the top risk factors for death& disability worldwide. Also, it is considered as the 5th highest mortality risk factor globally, it has resulted in 4.9 million deaths and loss of 147 million years of a healthy lifestyle. Today more than 90% of the people live in areas exceeding the guidelines laid out by WHO and more than half of global population lives in areas that do not even meet the least standards by world health organisation. Globally the biggest victim of air pollution is the least developed and developing countries. Apart from the pollution by industries and automobiles as per the 2017 report, nearly 3.6 billion people worldwide are exposed to household air pollution.

Deforestation Impact

Forest covers 30% of the world’s land area, it is very disheartening to see that forest cover is fast depleting at an alarming rate. The period alone between 1990 and 2016, the world lost 502,000 square miles of forest. Due to human intervention alone, 46% of the trees have been felled. Around 17% of the Amazonian rain forest has been destroyed over the past years which is always on the rise. The main reasons for deforestation are farming, grazing of livestock, mining & drilling aggregates to 50% of the loss to forest cover.

Plastic pollution

The addiction to a single use or disposable plastic leads to severe environmental consequences. Around the world, one million plastic bottles are purchased every minute and single plastic bags usage accounts to 5 trillion worldwide. Today we produce 300 million tonnes of plastic waste every year that is nearly equal to the total human population in the globe. It is estimated that out of the 8.3 billion tonnes of the total plastic produced, around 60% of plastic ended up in either landfill or the natural environment. In spite of several curbs announced by authorities the usage of plastic has not come down drastically.

Moment of realization

The biggest problem which I feel is the mentality of the human population that we need to correct ourselves by starting afresh by thinking that as human beings we are also part of the whole ecosystem, our actions and deeds should always be complementary rather than confounding with nature. Because our actions have only created more imbalances rather than striking the right balance for every creature’s coexistence. Among the rest, we have been considered as a superior creature but our imagination about the future is blurred due to our belief system. Time has come that we should start believing in permanent truth that we thrive in this nature, not because of our only effort but there are many unseen factors and attributes that nature provides us in abundance for us to strive. The universal truth is that the moment human races start to think that we are just part of nature not the other way around, Then I feel the whole issues can be addressed proactively.

Nature’s fury in Kerala


kerala floodsKerala has never faced such a torrential flood in its history than what the God’s own country has witnessed in August 2018. The magnitude of the crisis withered by the floods is unbelievable and reconcilable. But as a state, we also saw how the people of Kerala unitedly have been fighting the situation with the great amount of resilience and brotherhood. The crisis also brought us together irrespective of caste creed or religion to fight the situation shoulder to shoulder with support received from all possible quarters. The 1.078 million affected people would take time to come out of the tragedy, But as human beings, we have shown the strength and wherewithal to overcome the crisis. The strength of human beings as a creature lies in their audacity to adjust to the situations and fight the odds and become stronger. As a Keralite am really proud the unflinching support offered by people from all walks of life , it has been reflective of the feeling of togetherness that we exhibited to the outside world . Ever since the crisis hit us people from all walk of lives organised collection camps and mobilised other resources and helped it to reach to victims without any delay. Kerala has witnessed one of its largest mobilisation of a selfless act of compassion and empathy.
Albeit crisis also has thrown up questions regarding the various ways and means through which ecological has been severely ruptured over years. So going forward all rehabilitation and reconstruction works should be planned by accommodating aspects of sustainable environmentally friendly practices.

Unprecedented situation

In spite of opening the shutters of Idukki dam after 26 years, the people of Kerala could not stop the 164% excess rainfall in August. Overall, the region’s monsoon rainfall has been 42% higher than usual. The havoc caused by overflowing rivers has led to death, displacement and destruction which takes years to rebuild. The rescue operations continue in Kerala and the state Govt has appealed for more financial support for rehabilitation and reconstruction of houses &other infrastructure like roads, bridges and houses. The initial estimate of loss prepared by the govt come to the tune of around 20000 Cr that might go up the tune more than 50000 Cr in the months to come. So Kerala needs more support and compassion from all quarters to overcome the crisis. However, it is important to note that nation-building is not Govt job perse, But it is important that every citizen of this country has a key role to play. So let’s put up an honest and sustainable effort to rebuilt Kerala. At this juncture, the task is enormous but no matter how difficult the situation would be, Together we would overcome it.

kerala floods

Data on the loses

Please donate generously to chief ministers disaster relief fund, Every contribution of yours matters most.