Bandicoot to replace manual scavenging

The group of young innovators from Genrobotics couldn't have done anything better than bringing a smile on the faces of people who are involved manual scavenging works for decades. The shocking images of the people who earn their lively hood by risking their lives cleaning the sewage by immersing themselves in neck deep of liquid … Continue reading Bandicoot to replace manual scavenging


To make innovation counts

The river Ganges holds such an important place in the collective consciousness of our nation perhaps its significance stems from its  tradition & mythology. River Ganga is  India’s largest and most vital fresh-water resources. But the irony is that it is among the most polluted river in the world. Although we revere the river Ganga as a mother goddess, however, on the other hand, the river gets … Continue reading To make innovation counts

Shilpa, Mangalore based owner of Food truck business.

  "The fortune favours the brave " this famous proverb played its true meaning in the life of 34-year-old Shilpa who runs the food truck business in Mangalore. In 2015, Mrs Shilpa took a loan and bought a Mahindra Bolero vehicle to start her own Food truck business in Mangalore along with his brother. She … Continue reading Shilpa, Mangalore based owner of Food truck business.

Mensturation Man, Mr A.Muruganantham

Few entrepreneurs might dare to choose the business what Mr Arunachalam Muruganathan ventured in to, The social entrepreneurs from Coimbatore has invented a very cheap sanitary making equipment which could make cheap sanitary pads for women with half the cost what is available in the stores. His organisation "Jayashree industries" have already installed this low-cost … Continue reading Mensturation Man, Mr A.Muruganantham

Earnings of 1% to be given to charity by Manchester footballer

During his recent visit to Mumbai slums, Manchester footballer Juan Mata has made up his mind to support the disadvantaged children by contributing 1% of his earnings to charity. The star footballer decision to take up the cause by contributing towards the society from his earning is an initiative which needs appreciation, also setting an … Continue reading Earnings of 1% to be given to charity by Manchester footballer

Business practices and social responsibility must coexist

India is  the only country worldwide to formulate  a policy for a mandatory spending of 2% of the net profit towards Corporate social responsibility, But if one tries to analyze  the progress achieved so far the true picture shows a very minimal progress on the lives of the  marginalized , poorer section of the population. … Continue reading Business practices and social responsibility must coexist