Nature’s fury in Kerala


kerala floodsKerala has never faced such a torrential flood in its history than what the God’s own country has witnessed in August 2018. The magnitude of the crisis withered by the floods is unbelievable and reconcilable. But as a state, we also saw how the people of Kerala unitedly have been fighting the situation with the great amount of resilience and brotherhood. The crisis also brought us together irrespective of caste creed or religion to fight the situation shoulder to shoulder with support received from all possible quarters. The 1.078 million affected people would take time to come out of the tragedy, But as human beings, we have shown the strength and wherewithal to overcome the crisis. The strength of human beings as a creature lies in their audacity to adjust to the situations and fight the odds and become stronger. As a Keralite am really proud the unflinching support offered by people from all walks of life , it has been reflective of the feeling of togetherness that we exhibited to the outside world . Ever since the crisis hit us people from all walk of lives organised collection camps and mobilised other resources and helped it to reach to victims without any delay. Kerala has witnessed one of its largest mobilisation of a selfless act of compassion and empathy.
Albeit crisis also has thrown up questions regarding the various ways and means through which ecological has been severely ruptured over years. So going forward all rehabilitation and reconstruction works should be planned by accommodating aspects of sustainable environmentally friendly practices.

Unprecedented situation

In spite of opening the shutters of Idukki dam after 26 years, the people of Kerala could not stop the 164% excess rainfall in August. Overall, the region’s monsoon rainfall has been 42% higher than usual. The havoc caused by overflowing rivers has led to death, displacement and destruction which takes years to rebuild. The rescue operations continue in Kerala and the state Govt has appealed for more financial support for rehabilitation and reconstruction of houses &other infrastructure like roads, bridges and houses. The initial estimate of loss prepared by the govt come to the tune of around 20000 Cr that might go up the tune more than 50000 Cr in the months to come. So Kerala needs more support and compassion from all quarters to overcome the crisis. However, it is important to note that nation-building is not Govt job perse, But it is important that every citizen of this country has a key role to play. So let’s put up an honest and sustainable effort to rebuilt Kerala. At this juncture, the task is enormous but no matter how difficult the situation would be, Together we would overcome it.

kerala floods

Data on the loses

Please donate generously to chief ministers disaster relief fund, Every contribution of yours matters most.