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The river Ganges holds such an important place in the collective consciousness of our nation perhaps its significance stems from its  tradition & mythology. River Ganga is  India’s largest and most vital fresh-water resources. But the irony is that it is among the most polluted river in the world. Although we revere the river Ganga as a mother goddess, however, on the other hand, the river gets polluted by our irresponsible behaviour by allowing the sewage water & solid waste from household and industries. The pilgrims add more than 8 million flowers each year into the river as a part offering prayers to god. The resultant action pollutes the water more with harmful chemicals used on the flower which can lead to waterborne diseases like cholera, dysentery, hepatitis & diarrhoea.

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In 2015, the childhood friends Ankit agarwal and Karan Rastogi cofounded a social enterprise called HelpUsGreen. The aim of this enterprise is to devote their time and resource in reducing the pollution in river Ganga. The Team collects the discarded flower before it gets into river and processes them to create 100 percent Vermi-compost fertilizers and also manufactures incense sticks . The enterprise targets European and Indian markets to sell their organic products . HelpUsGreen employs women folks from the lower strata of the society and helps them to get empowered financially as well as delivering on the objective of reducing the pollution of this giant fresh water river. The team of women employed with Help Us Green collects 1.5tons of flowers daily from temples and mosques and convert it into organic fertilisers and incense sticks. 

Helpusgreen also has plans to expand its product ranges to bath soaps, chemical free products, natural body cleaners. So this  is one such social enterprise initiative which can deliver benefits in terms of reducing pollution, create avenues of people to get employed , also protecting the environment from waste accumulation . This kind of initiatives which uses the potential of resources and keeps their utility to the maximum by following innovative business practices, also creates value along with its process. 

Earnings of 1% to be given to charity by Manchester footballer

During his recent visit to Mumbai slums, Manchester footballer Juan Mata has made up his mind to support the disadvantaged children by contributing 1% of his earnings to charity. The star footballer decision to take up the cause by contributing towards the society from his earning is an initiative which needs appreciation, also setting an example for others to follow.
Through his initiative named “Common Goal” which shares a common agenda to give back to the society through football. As we all know football is a team game which signifies teamwork with the involvement of all eleven players from the team and each members contribution is vital to set the goal post moving. So perhaps the common goal is one such initiative which has the potential to contribute towards the society by taking up causes which affect the society to a larger extent.
The act of voluntarily contributing 1% of his earning towards charity is nothing but an initiative which is like leading by example. He, in fact, requested his fellow footballers to follow his path for a greater common cause. The Spanish footballer who earns 140,000 pounds in old Trafford a week has set to contribute to the common goal which is a charity consist of 120 collective funds in 80 countries. The footballer felt that he has been fortunate to have chosen football as his career, the sports has given a lot towards his personal growth , But he also said that his simple gesture to give back something to the society could change the life of less privileged who have been finding hard to get one square meal a day from different parts of the Globe. He said he will also encourage his teammates to contribute a percentage of their earnings for the charity named “Common goal”.
I think this is an excellent example of an individual’s social commitment towards the society, above all he represents the true qualities of a leader who shoulders the responsibility of collectively making a change in the society. Let this initiative be the guiding force for other personalities in sports to follow his path and start contributing towards this objective. Let this be the common goal for all to pursue and make some significant changes globally. I think other than entertaining the masses with skills, sports can also contribute socially also.