The story of Steve & Parvati


It is rare among the rarity of someone leaving one’s comfort of being the son of former governor and moreover to have had led the life of former fighter pilot in Indian Airforce. Yes, the life of Steve has been one such sort of journey in a remote location on the hills of Uttaranchal.
The couple Steve and Parvati have been a living a subsistence lifestyle for the last 30 years at their home which is 6500 feet above the sea level. When they first arrived at this place they have nothing at all to start with, but they have set out to lead a lifestyle under the auspices & bounties of nature with full of oak trees, birds chirping & clattering monkeys.
Over the years the couple has built a home on the site which was once a cow shed and live on a monthly income of 2000Rs . They raise money by renting a pair of small cottages for passing hikers as well through farming. Although now Steve’s house has electricity,  there no running water, or internet or any facility to warm when the temperature dips below zero degrees. According to Steve, he can’t  imagine living in any other place other than his 34-acre estate. He keeps regular patrol around his estate to ward of wood pinching locals at bay. 
Steve a Harvard educated the young chap met Parvati after he had been kicked out of the service for not following the orders. The couple has been living in this place for the last 33 years with no regrets. Their lifestyle has been a perfect example of leading a life which is near to nature devoid of any pollution or disturbances. Both He  & wife took care of there surroundings well without disturbing its ecosystem, Both their two kids were born and bought up in the estate, later they got educated from Delhi. Steve owns a couple of Royal Enfield bullets, which he likes repairing and riding them often.
Steve had dug a grave himself a long time back, he is well prepared to leave this world when he kicks his bucket.  Continue reading