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The river Ganges holds such an important place in the collective consciousness of our nation perhaps its significance stems from its  tradition & mythology. River Ganga is  India’s largest and most vital fresh-water resources. But the irony is that it is among the most polluted river in the world. Although we revere the river Ganga as a mother goddess, however, on the other hand, the river gets polluted by our irresponsible behaviour by allowing the sewage water & solid waste from household and industries. The pilgrims add more than 8 million flowers each year into the river as a part offering prayers to god. The resultant action pollutes the water more with harmful chemicals used on the flower which can lead to waterborne diseases like cholera, dysentery, hepatitis & diarrhoea.

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In 2015, the childhood friends Ankit agarwal and Karan Rastogi cofounded a social enterprise called HelpUsGreen. The aim of this enterprise is to devote their time and resource in reducing the pollution in river Ganga. The Team collects the discarded flower before it gets into river and processes them to create 100 percent Vermi-compost fertilizers and also manufactures incense sticks . The enterprise targets European and Indian markets to sell their organic products . HelpUsGreen employs women folks from the lower strata of the society and helps them to get empowered financially as well as delivering on the objective of reducing the pollution of this giant fresh water river. The team of women employed with Help Us Green collects 1.5tons of flowers daily from temples and mosques and convert it into organic fertilisers and incense sticks. 

Helpusgreen also has plans to expand its product ranges to bath soaps, chemical free products, natural body cleaners. So this  is one such social enterprise initiative which can deliver benefits in terms of reducing pollution, create avenues of people to get employed , also protecting the environment from waste accumulation . This kind of initiatives which uses the potential of resources and keeps their utility to the maximum by following innovative business practices, also creates value along with its process. 

The story of Steve & Parvati


It is rare among the rarity of someone leaving one’s comfort of being the son of former governor and moreover to have had led the life of former fighter pilot in Indian Airforce. Yes, the life of Steve has been one such sort of journey in a remote location on the hills of Uttaranchal.
The couple Steve and Parvati have been a living a subsistence lifestyle for the last 30 years at their home which is 6500 feet above the sea level. When they first arrived at this place they have nothing at all to start with, but they have set out to lead a lifestyle under the auspices & bounties of nature with full of oak trees, birds chirping & clattering monkeys.
Over the years the couple has built a home on the site which was once a cow shed and live on a monthly income of 2000Rs . They raise money by renting a pair of small cottages for passing hikers as well through farming. Although now Steve’s house has electricity,  there no running water, or internet or any facility to warm when the temperature dips below zero degrees. According to Steve, he can’t  imagine living in any other place other than his 34-acre estate. He keeps regular patrol around his estate to ward of wood pinching locals at bay. 
Steve a Harvard educated the young chap met Parvati after he had been kicked out of the service for not following the orders. The couple has been living in this place for the last 33 years with no regrets. Their lifestyle has been a perfect example of leading a life which is near to nature devoid of any pollution or disturbances. Both He  & wife took care of there surroundings well without disturbing its ecosystem, Both their two kids were born and bought up in the estate, later they got educated from Delhi. Steve owns a couple of Royal Enfield bullets, which he likes repairing and riding them often.
Steve had dug a grave himself a long time back, he is well prepared to leave this world when he kicks his bucket.  Continue reading


Global Climate change and way forward

The 2015 united nations global climate change was recently got  concluded in Paris ,France , where a global agreement was signed by 196 representatives on an  agreed text after a  very long deliberation and representation  from  countries. The most important, notable fact is that globally this issue of global warming is getting acknowledged and some serious initiatives would be in its process to get it implemented in the coming years by nations on a global scale. Already the global climate changes and vagaries has shown how devastating the effects  could be on  our planet, We have seen many alarming situations like floods, famine and unprecedented increase in temperature which affects the agriculture , livestock  and people. We need to blame ourselves for forcing us to be in this predicament.

We have seen this multi- fold  increase in global climate change,   post industrialization, where no one ever thought of the consequences of this unbridled use of fossil fuels, industrial emission of gases in the environment , deforestation and many other reasons which are nothing but purely a reactions  of   human induced actions . We never thought or not given  any  importance for  a sustainable living in this blue planet.  Nations which are now Developed nations was  busy building their capacities  to become economic power , poor nation’s resources was being put to uncontrollable exploitation without  anticipating the danger in the foreseeable future  leads to destabilizing force which eventually would turns out to be a  global catastrophe .

Now the situation is little bit naive and complicated because of the simple reason  that in Paris they have agreed to set a limit of 2 degree Celsius by 2030 globally, How would it be possible for the developing and third world nations to rapidly switch to other alternative sources of energy creation? , Currently relatively cheap sources by using coal as input is the mainstay for the developing nations like India for addressing their energy needs. Richer and developed nations are in better position economically to invest in alternative sources like solar, wind and nuclear, but most populated and economically backward nations are not in a position to invest heavily on alternative energy sources.  How much and how far developed nations are willing to contribute for the change in less advanced economies is something which remains to be seen.

The Climate protection performance index of the countries vindicates the above conclusion, those countries who has shown highest achievements in climate protection are richer nations with higher per ca pita income.

And economically backward nations needs a helping hand both economically as well as technological know how.statistic_id266138_climate-change-performance-index_-achievements-by-country-2016

Industrial Revolution

With the  onset  of industry revolution was somewhere close to 1750 till 1840 , where new manufacturing process was in operation , since then mankind has invented new machines like steam engine , many more use of machines in the world of manufacturing  lead to increase in productivity , history has lauded this as one of finest achievement of human being .But since that period the co2 emission has grown to  un assumed proportions  is alarming


Individual level participation is also key.

Leave the industrialization and other reasons, Are we as individuals are doing enough to play our role as a change agent in bringing down global temperature?Please find the below reasons and their share respondents.

We need to highlight countries like japan and Netherlands where people prefer cycle as their preferred mode of commutation .Time has come or time to  realize that we are living on verge of global climate change & pollution .every action of ours count more than  the previous one  , and we have identified the root cause of this problem, If we really want to protect this wonderful planet , we need to  do  some sacrifices for a better tomorrow , Otherwise in the  worst case scenario this blue planet would become the worst place to survive for our future generations to come.